White Ankle Boots, how tie these shoes

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Among the white and winter sneakers, white ankle boots model certainly stands out. These shoes, launched in the 1980s, have returned on the market for some years. Many have appreciated their return to the scene, so much that these shoes are part of the top 5 of the most sold ever.

Even if they were born as shoes specifically dedicated to basketball players, their particular boot-shaped silhouette was appreciated by everyone: today white ankle boots is comfortably worn under jeans and clothes.

How to tie

To be worn in the best way and to allow proper adherence to the foot it is important that these shoes are well fastened. It often happens, perhaps after having been washed, to no longer be able to insert the laces as purchased. In reality this procedure is very simple and intuitive: the important thing is that it is carried out calmly and precisely.

To start, you will need to reinsert the silver medallion inside the laces, positioning it exactly in the center. At this point, proceed to insert the left end into the first eyelet of the shoe at the bottom, always to the left, inserting it from the top. The same movement must also be repeated for the other side of the shoe: the laces must be pulled until the medal is placed in the center.

Before continuing, make sure that both strings are the same length and that they are not intertwined. It is necessary to proceed with the insertion of the laces, alternating from right to left and always from the outside of the eyelet towards the inside, continuing until you reach the opening present in the center of the tongue. A mistake that is often made is that of not introducing the strings inside the slot: in this way the adherence of the foot would be less.

After using the same technique used up to now, you can proceed to the last eyelet: only now you can tighten the laces, always paying attention to the fact that they are not intertwined: if the work has been done carefully you will have strings of the same length in hand.

Depending on how much you like the shoe more or less tight, you can now decide, with the remaining ends, to hide them with a small knot inside or outside the tongue. This choice, in reality, is to the taste and discretion of those who wear the white ankle boots