Old laces, customize and make them like new

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lacci vecchi

Shoes laces often reveal more features than you can imagine, which is why it would always be advisable to keep them as clean as possible, as well as customize them to suit your needs. In fact, having dirty strings often leads to the mistaken belief that footwear is older than expected.

In these cases it?s advisable to replace the old shoe laces with others: on the market, after all, there are countless varieties that make it possible to make a common shoes unique of itsthanks to the personalization of the strings.

Custom strings

For lovers of recycling and saving, however, it is possible to reuse worn-out laces through small steps that can be done at home, giving an exclusive look.

Covering the worn and old laces of new materials can be the right choice, in addition to entertaining adults and children, to donate an incredible newaspect to your clothing and your feet.

For example, it is possible to cover your strings with some fabric coming from some knitwear no longer used or from some scrap of a sewing job. Whether it’s jeans, lace or viscose, it doesn’t matter: this choice is personal discretion. As soon as you have chosen the material you like the most, you will have to cut two strips longer than the strings you intend to modify. At this point it will be necessary to roll up the final part of the strip, which will in turn have to be rolled up with tape, being careful to correctly fold the whole under the tip. The process, in fact, is almost finished: all that remains is to use the tape to stop the ends of the laces and reintroduce the new and authentic strings inside the shoe, to show off an incredible and unique look.