ShoeLaces World

We look far to find new horizons, where others see borders.
Those distant lines are drawings created by the mind, untouchable, unreachable.
That infinity pushes us beyond the limits imagined, every day a little bit more.
With imagination we lie down a lace on those natural profiles, as to tie together elements and landscapes, incorporating our cloth laces into the environment.

Not only green

We present ShoeLaces using the “Not only green” claim to simultaneously express two concepts:
– the first, fundamental, declares our eco-friendly philosophy
– the second, ironically, communicate the wide range of colors of our laces

Eco-sustainable production

Our philosophy is absolutely eco-friendly and we are proud to have reduced to the maximum the environmental impact of our production of laces, using untreated cottons.

We have chosen to work a raw material such as organic cotton for the cultivation of which we use organic production systems, with 100% natural fertilizers and a reduced consumption of water. The production process is also made eco-sustainable by limiting the use of chemicals and using renewable sources aimed at saving energy.

Research and design

Our laces are the result of continuous research planned to identify new raw materials and cognitive investigations for the improvement of products or the prototyping of new ones.
We stand out for the wide range of colors and textures of our laces, but above all for the attention to the design of the latter, with the continuation of new solutions, such as that of the rubberized finishers, which have already found considerable interest on the part of the insiders.