Halloween laces, how to make your own disguise

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The preparations for the scariest night of the year are almost upon us: adults and children are beginning to decide how to dress up for Halloween for an evening of fun.

The choice between shoes, bags, original costumes and dresses is really arduous: the combinations are many and varied. Actually the disguise of the night of October 31st is simpler than expected: the important thing is to add some personalized touches on the accessories and present yourself with a over the top makeup.

Fear look

Once you have chosen the most ‘scary’ dress, then, all you have to do is pay close attention to the accessories that contribute to giving a look that is as scary as possible. Dwelling on the details of one’s shirt or witch’s dress is no longer enough: the new fashion requires that the real protagonists of Halloween are shoes. On the market there are numerous models of shoes specifically designed to make their appearance as terrifying as possible.

What colors of laces choose

To give your look a personal touch, however, true change is possible thanks to the shoe laces.

Among the various colors in which the shoe strings are made during the year, it will be necessary to opt for the classic tones of Halloween night: black, purple and orange.

These three are preferred over all the others as they are considered the true symbols of the night of October 31st. If black is the color used by witches because is the only one capable of absorbing negative energies, purple is the one that has always been associated with magic, while orange recalls the color of pumpkins and autumn leaves.

Wearing shoes of these three colors, therefore, will contribute to giving a gloomy but at the same time incredible appearance. An excellent final result can be guaranteed also thanks to the combination of the laces, which can be combined in one of the three variants.