The evolution of the lace: from comfort to practicality

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evoluzione laccio

The development of elastic laces is the latest evolution in the world of shoes and dressing, a mix of comfort and practicality, perfect for the kids, excellent for sports, spectacular for who doesn?t want to give up on simplicity and lightness of their shoes.

Usually matching the color of the shoes, elastic laces are made in different colors and with different styles, combining their usability with customization. It is common to find real designs, shaped with great mastery, or the combination of different colors so close to each other on the surface, able to embody moods and express oneself with simplicity.

The concept of ??elastic laces was born when the new technologies allowed the use of state of the art fibers for the realization of laces, combining comfort and efficiency. Losing time to tie shoes is an issue for everyone, the risk of stumbling over your own shoes even if rare is always possible, therefore since late mid-1900s the first elastic laces started booming on the market, able not only to save time by lacing up your shoes but also to reduce any risk to zero. They are very used in sports, the best solution when one want to cushion and make more comfortable the walk.

Using elastic laces in every occasion stimulates creativity and frees imagination up. Not only colors of all kinds, but real decorations able to make each pair of shoes unique, giving a new concept of a lace. Modernity, simplicity, comfort, it?s easy to put shoes at the front of your day.