How to tie your shoes? Two classic techniques

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come si allacciano scarpe

The lace has become a more and more trendy item in recent times, and it can have so many tie methods. From traditional to the fancy one, everyone ties shoes depending on personal preferences and comfortability. There are also a so many different technics to make laces, usually depending on the specific occasion, coziness and the type of shoe itself.

The most used methods to tie shoelaces are the classic ones but today we decided to show you which ones are the right methods, taking you on a journey throughout techniques and their related names. As first rule is necessary to be really patient in order to make a perfect lace.


Technique of the circle

For example, the one called “Technique of the circle” is very simple to use and requires very few steps. First place the shoes on a flat surface, with the laces falling on the sides of the shoe and keeping the shoe tip towards the outside. Make a simple knot, then hold the lace extremity and cross them together into a knot. Tighten the knot that should be in the center of the shoe. Make a second knot without tightening it, then leave it loose and you may notice a circular shape generated by the knot itself. Hold the circle with your hand and push it flat on the shoe. Put a shoelace into the circle making sure to insert it from the very top and on one side of the circle. Leave it loose, making sure it escapes. Put the other extremity into the circle: at this point you will have two rings with rabbit ears shape, pull them to tighten them and your knot will be ready.

The magic hands aka Lan Tie

For this technic, with a such fancy name, put the shoe on a flat surface, as usual, keeping the laces on the shoe side. Make a simple knot, be sure it?s well tied. Using the right hand take a shoe extremity, keeping the thumb and index directed at you. Be sure to hold the shoe with your finger. Then move the lace until you get a rectangle shape, after that take the other shoe extremity with your left hand using thumb and index, as usual. Don?t forget to use your finger too to ease the entire process of taking the lace, then pull your fingers to keep tension and turn them until they are face to face. At this point you should get a ?X?-like shape, pinch the laces with your fingers using index and thumb. Your lace is now ready.