Sneakers and knots, the most imaginative laces for your sneakers

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nodi lacci scarpe originali

The sneakers, commonly known as the classic gymnastic shoes, offer everybody the chance to wander with the imagination a large number of details, ranging not only between colors, shapes and features, but also in the variety of nodes with which it is possible to connect your own shoes. The various possibilities with which it is possible to realize the particular knots of their sneakers allow to space with the imagination, it is up to the wearer to choose the model that best suits his needs, the perfect movement.

When you are in front of a shoe with six simple pairs of eyelets, the possibilities to tie the shoes are equal to 2 trillions, giving rise to a great number of possibilities to let go with the imagination thus finding a really lovely pastime. This allows you to easily wear something original to your feet, especially when paired with Shoelaces strings, famous for their resistance and colors. There are knots famous for their simplicity but also for their sympathy.

The ?Criss Cross? is the classic knot that provides that the laces pass intertwining from one buttonhole to the other, is the common way in which the sneakers are fastened, usually already sold as well. A variant of this is the ?Under Over?, literally identical but specular, with an inversion of the upper and lower loops: where you move upwards you slide down and so on. The second of the two allows to better preserve the state of the laces, limiting their wear and tear. The ?gap? is a very special knot, which provides, in the middle, between the third and fourth loop, a vertical movement instead of crossed, thus creating a small gap that increases the flexibility of the ankle and loosens the pressure on the instep, favoring circulation and avoiding problems related to long walks. Finally, the ?Unframed? allows you to hide the knot under the tongue or close to the ankle, creating an elegant and mysterious effect.