Diamond laces, for original and sport sneakers

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lacci a diamante

Buying a fairly common product on the market is not always good. Sometimes, especially in large retailers, buying a pair of sports shoes will approve us all. The strings of Shoelaces on these occasions allow us to diversify, making the difference. In fact, even if the sneakers are the same as all the others, the way in which these are fastened will allow us to better customize our foot.

Original and easy to apply is the “diamond” lace, which consists of a crossover of strings whose final result will not make the shoe shine like the precious stone, but will make us feel unique thanks to the shape that recalls the precious object.

To start, take your Shoelaces lace and let it go through the first loop at the bottom of the shoe. Pass the string to both edges, and make sure they are the same length after the operation. Another important precaution: avoid the spirals or the shortening of the lace.

After completing this operation correctly, you can proceed with the operation. Take the right lace and insert it from the outside into the third loop of the shoe. The same procedure must also be carried out for the left side of the shoe. At this point, start from the same side and insert the lace in the second hole. Now, the right lace must pass through the fourth eyelet of the shoe. If you realize that the diamond effect is not present yet, do not be alarmed. The procedure you are going to do now will be the one that will start to give the touch of class to your foot.

The trick of this method is to have the lace looped again in the third eyelet: our lace in that eyelet will be double. Once the operation is done for the other side, repeat the same procedure until all the shoe has been completed.

Although the procedures described may seem difficult to put into practice, in reality they are not at all: the important thing is to perform operations step by step. Or, we should say, lace after lace.