Long laces, what to do to adapt them to our shoes

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lacci lunghi

It often happens that laces might require more attention than you would expect, sometimes too wide for the  eyelets of our shoes, sometimes too long and not appropriate for our wordly occasions, aesthetically unpleasent or impractical. It is not rare that a lace which is too long can create serious discomfort, also leading to a high risk of falling if you move in a hurry, and not all of us have the time to reach the nearest store to purchase a new lace adapt for the occasion. For this purpose it is always useful to have in mind how you can shorten the laces of your shoes in a simple and practical way, acting with a simple movement and tools that we all already have easily at home.

All we need is our pair of shoes, the notorious laces too long, then simply a pair of fabric scissors and a roll of light and transparent scotch, the one quite common and cheap. The procedure for our long laces is really simple, and begins by taking the shoe with the strings already inserted until the last buttonhole, so that we already know the minimum length necessary to be able to wear our shoes in an optimal manner.  To make sure that the string does not move, we make a small knot at the height of the last hole, so that the fabric string gets wedged in and does not move while we work on it. We calculate about a couple of centimeters of distance, roughly the length of an inch, and squeeze strongly with our scotch recreating the same effect that usually represents the culmination of a string. Sealed the whole, with a pair of scissors cut the excess fabric, and repeat for the other side. Our laces too long, with a simple movement, have become short and of the perfect fit for our walks.