Games with laces, when the material used stimulates creativity

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lacci creatività

It does not take much for children to play and have fun, working with creativity and learning from the first years of elementary school the most classic games with emergency materials. The mind of children is able to make a simple lace become anything else, seeing in it a whole world of possibilities to be discovered. In this way there is also a practical opportunity linked to the recycling and reuse of old and worn-out material,  giving a new life to the strings used that otherwhise would have only met the bucket dedicated to the trash.

Kids can create a great amount of games starting from some simple used laces which otherwhise would have been thrown away. Any type of string, for this purpose, is appropriate and can be chosen to give life to nes games or manual chores.

The bracelets

Helped by other types of materials foe example moosgummi that can be modeled, the laces can become practical bracelets of any kind of color and fantasy. If you want to create something original, just take a small strip of moosgummi , as long as the children?s wrist, creating inside the strip some small holes with a penil before the material dries, in which to pass the lace. Once you have taken the ends of the lace you can wear a small decorated bracelet to show off in front of other friends.

In the absence of fommy or some similar material, you can always create small bracelets alternatives, taking as decorations, in which to pass the laces, the various tabs of cans, often stored and accumulated by the very small ones and used for various games. Needless to underline how also special and pretty necklaces can be created, as well as furnishings of all kinds: the only limit is the imagination of the child.

The flowers

Through the laces and some simple movement it is easy to decorate rubber bands and hair clips, creating a knot and fixing it with a button at the center of the felt. Encouraging children to create these small games with the laces allows them to develope creativity, manuality, and in this case, also to recycle waste material.