Shoe laces, from the practicality of the past to today?s fashion

lacci per scarpe moda

There are different concepts of shoelaces, previously used exclusively for practical purposes, they became real accessories in footwears and other parts of clothing. There are so many different type of models , starting from the materials used to the various patterns, colors and applications.

If you are a shoe addict then surely you will be up to date on the latest trends about laces. Apparently simple, the laces became an expression of personality. The string or shoelace in ancient times made of leather, today made of cloth with a reinforcement at the end, commonly made of plastic, which should pass through the eyelets on the sides of the upper flap. The functionality is undisputed, the lace in fact allows to tight shoes or ankle boots, while if it gets loosened up then it?s possible to remove footwears easily from the foot.

Worn with extreme nonchalance nowadays, in ancient times the laces were all the same since the Bronze Age, there are many evidences of this in ancient findings. In the past, specially for women’s clothing, laces represented a practical closure for the bust, doublet, jackets and trousers closed to the knee (those called knickers), or for other clothing items not used anymore.

The special textile fibers, specially in cotton, have a interweaved structure with inside a reinforcing core and a little needle at the ends, in plastic or metal, which prevents fraying and favors the entry in the eyelet. The past fashion imposed the lace absolutely matching the color of the same shoe, almost to camouflage, while nowadays those in contrast with the color of the shoe are favored. Even for the shape they are various type in today?s fashion, putting forward round, squashed, squared and even enormous shoelaces trendy in the last few years. So tell me what lace you wear and I will tell you who you are!