Biological cotton laces, a 100% natural material

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lacci in cotone biologico

The cotton is an ideal material used to make shoe laces, especially in the 100% natural model. The biological cotton is in fact one of the most trendy at the time of this article, it?s so soft and cozy, natural and cheap at the same time, widely used not only for the daily laces manufacture but also part of the adults and kids clothing.

The cotton is absolutely the most widely used tissue all over the World: there are two types of it, the conventional and the biological one. The choice between one or the other only depends on the cost. The 95% of the Cotton World Market is in fact checked applying the Genetic Engineering for agriculture, where often time the culture is helped out through not recommendable substances. Often time for this type of cotton there is a massive production and a such high demand. To satisfy a such need are used a large amount of water and energy.

The biological cotton origin from a type of controlled and certified biological agriculture, for a such purpose are used natural methodologies against the parasites. In a such sector is absolutely prohibited to use pesticides or any other chemical product. The biological cotton is natural at a such point to be cultivated along with edible crops, where the farmers are free to store the seeds in order to better choose the type of cultivation following the crop rotation in a way that the ground can self generate and keep being fertile overtime.

It?s a special and ideal material for whom are only used natural fertilizer, and cultivation methodologies that require a little amount of water and low energy usage, with the absolute prohibition from using dangerous chemical substances and eventually ditch them into aquifer nearby.

Many are the shoes manufacturers who follow environment friendly ways. Another reason why are chosen eco-friendly cotton types is because the way the cotton can affect the skin, in a such case a 100% anti allergic and safe type, suggested for kids or the ones who have delicate skin, but also the ideal solution to help adult people that want to be healthy.