2018/19 Fashion Laces: Colors and patterns

giochi da fare con i bambini in quarantena

Following trends is never easy, specially in a field such as shoelaces, in the last years subject to great changes that turn them from simple accessories into a real decoration. Next years the laces will be protagonists, a newborn discovery of the universe tied to fashion.

Today in 2018 and over the course of 2019 the concept of laces will get along with beauty and ambition of sandals and open shoes. Not anymore simple accessories, when they were used as shoes decorations , but a way to make the difference and let one to stand out easily. Every day a bigger casual style rules on the streets, the triumph of accessories, where shoes are dominating. 2017 was characterized by ?slave shoes?, boots with body composed fully of laces, that inspires the trends of this new year.

Sandals with showy and gaudy laces dominate Italian?s summer and mid-seasons, made of cotton and leather and decorated in different ways, like real bracelets anklets. The real values of this type of footwear are simplicity and adaptability, a low plateau with a body composed of laces of various width that beautifies the foot with the least effort.

Classic sneakers can?t miss, mostly in colder seasons, specially this year with elastic and decorated laces, really practical and fast to tie. But even various classic laces will have a way to prove their value, confirming themselves as a certainty of winter 2019. Low shoes can be matched with laces of different colors, often with different types of application, joining the comfort of dolly shoes with the elegance of the higher boots.

Impossible not to mention the unforgettable news of the past winter that probably will evolve further during the new cold season, high plateau sports shoes with laces as closure, splendid laces that will literally make every step a gift.