Quarantine, how to use shoe laces to play

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giochi da fare con i bambini in quarantena

The quarantine period due to coronavirus often bores not only the big ones but also the little ones. Although every day we try to present many new activities that can entertain, imagination often requires the help of the most unthinkable objects.

Not being able to leave the house, it is necessary to invent new games that could make the days of forced confinement more pleasant using the things we have at home.

Even the strangest objects in the house, such as shoelaces, will come in handy. Whether it’s colored or single-colored strings, it doesn’t matter: the result will still be fun.

Draw with the laces

In addition to the accessories of the shoes what you need are simple sheets of paper and many colors and you will be ready to have fun with the little ones.

In fact, although it is not allowed to go out, this does not mean that you can’t reproduce  some nice animals or atmospheric phenomena that could come to life thanks to their laces.

Based on the color of your strings, therefore, it will be possible to achieve what your imagination offers. And so the colored cardboard can personify, depending on your will, the nice jellyfish or even a sun with its bright yellow laces that turn into rays.

Paths made with strings

If there are no colored sheets in the house, another function that the laces could have to make the days less monotonous is that of an organized itinerary … in your dining room. By placing the strings of the shoes on the ground, in fact, it will be possible to create a small treasure hunting itinerary, in which the little ones will have to respect the order dictated by the laces to identify some hidden chocolates or even prizes and gifts.

Fun is guaranteed!