How to tie shoes in spring 2020

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The first warm and the first walks of spring 2020 will surely be the moments most remembered by each of us. After a whole month locked in the walls of the house due to the coronavirus emergency, the first taste of freedom will certainly be something welcome and long awaited.

Precisely for this reason it will be important not to be found unprepared and ready to show off. Among the many tricks of your appearance, therefore, the accessories of the shoes, the laces should not be underestimated.

As always pointed out, for some years now the strings have been fully part of the outfit of each of us, which is why they must always be cared for and fashionable.

Among the different lacing methods that are used to be practiced, here are some of those you should know for spring 2020.

Without bow

The staple, or that lacing that allows you to hide the knot under the tongue or close to the ankle, will continue to be widely used. Mainly used in casual occasions, this method will also start to be used for more formal occasions.

Criss cross

Among the evergreens, the inevitable criss cross, the classic knot that requires laces to be intertwined from one buttonhole to another. To be clear, this type of lacing is that present in the shoes just purchased.

Under Over

A variant of them, the Under Over, after a period of absence, will return to be more protagonist than ever: identical to the previous method, the latter involves an inversion of the upper and lower passers-by. Both the two methods are perfect in any circumstances you decide to wear them.


Last, but not least, is the Gap, or the knot that provides between the third and fourth belt loops, a vertical movement instead of a cross, thus creating a small void that increases the flexibility of the ankle and which eases the pressure on the neck of the foot, thus managing to promote circulation and avoid problems related to long walks, which after the days in quarantine, will certainly be there.