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come allacciare gli anfibi da uomo

Men’s amphibians are a must have of the 2020 fashion collection. Considered some of the most identifying accessories of recent years, these shoes are popular and continue to be worn precisely because they recall the rebellious spirit of the 70s and 80s of the last century, for a look that remains practical and at the same time casual.

As anticipated, therefore, the fashion of this year has re-proposed, in the autumn winter collection numerous and different models of men’s amphibians. Despite the imminent arrival of spring, these shoes will continue to be used throughout the month of April.

The secret of the success of men’s amphibians is to be found, in addition to their practicality, also in their comfort: the sole becomes so comfortable thanks to the special padded internal insoles, whose excellent quality makes these shoes perfect to be worn during rainy days.

Often recommended only for younger men, these shoes can actually be worn at any age. Furthermore, according to your personality, it is recommended to tie them in a total black look or with jeans that can soften the slightly rock tones.

How to tie men’s amphibians

Having ascertained that men’s amphibians are fashionable and should be worn, another question now arises: how to tie them?

The preferred method tends to be the one consisting of a cross lacing from one hole to another, known by the name CrissCross. The success of this procedure is to be found in its simplicity and intuition. The result is guaranteed.

Another possible touch of class with which to personalize your amphibians, perhaps for a slightly more important occasion, is to be found in the straight European lacing, which consists in positioning the strings in such a way as to allow you to go in a linear way from one hole to the other of the shoe and outwards and diagonally inwards.

What’s your favorite look?