How to fasten shoes according to the arch of the foot

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come allacciare le scarpe arcata piede

Tying your shoes correctly is definitely an underestimated procedure that actually allows you to safeguard the health of the foot, which, thanks to the strings, manages to be firmly inside the footwear.

Anyone of us considers it a goal to have laced shoes correctly: generally from an early age we are taught a standard method, which is then repeated day by day always in the same way.

In reality, however, as some podiatrists explain, there is a special lacing based on your foot arch. Why is this factor so important? The answer to this question, as anticipated, is precisely to be found on the importance of this procedure, considered decisive on the way in which pressure is exerted on the upper part of the foot or on the way it has been fixed inside the shoe.

Some lacing methods

Therefore, precisely for this reason, who must have particular attention on the method of fastening their shoes must be those who have previous pathologies or a very particular shape of the sole of the foot.

For example, who has a high arch with bone spurs on the upper part could be acting a wrong pressure on the nerves if the lacing method is wrong. To avoid annoying pain or that the foot falls asleep often, it is advisable to practice the lacing of the parallel laces.

Those who have a large forefoot risk that this width may put additional pressure on the sides of the feet, which is why it is advisable to adopt a lacing as spacious as possible.

Regardless of the shape of your foot, therefore, as you know, it is important to pay the right attention to how you decide to fasten the strings: the comfort and respect for your feet must surely be superior to a current fashion.