Basketball shoes, how to fasten them correctly

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Well-tied shoes are the true secret of all athletes who, if they have performed this procedure with precision, will not need to waste precious time while they are on the track to stop and recompose everything.

Although it is often taken too much for granted, this practice is actually fundamental also to avoid pain and annoying blisters especially when the foot is under stress.

What has been said, of course, also applies to the shoes of basketball players, who should pay particular attention to how to cross the strings, due to the numerous jumps they make both during training and the actual game.

What are the best methods that will allow greater safety of basketball shoes?

A great classic is certainly to be found in the crossed lacing, which consists in alternating the strings from one buttonhole to another. This procedure ensures stability to the foot, avoiding unpleasant path accidents.

Some lacing methods

If, however, during the run or after numerous jumps you feel a nuisance or your plant slips, it is advisable to change the lacing method, until you find the one that best suits your needs.

Those who have a sole or high instep should try to tie the strings more superficially, leaving more space for the foot inside the shoe itself.

On the other hand, when you feel the sensation that the foot is sliding outwards, it will mean that the shoelaces must be arranged by trying to stabilize the heel and tighten it.

If the damage has already been done and the foot is a little sore and full of blisters, not being able to give up training or in any case an important game, the only lacing capable of lifting the pain is that which provides for the creation of a sort of window with laces, just in correspondence of the wounds.