Parallel laces, an evergreen for a neat appereance

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lacci paralleli

The true care of a person is noticed by the small things. The face is without a doubt the visiting card of each of us, but from the face of an individual it is difficult to understand the personality. This is noted from the small things, from so many accessories that go to complete the structure. The shoes and the way the strings are worn are one of these. Parallel laces, for example, help to give a neater appearance.

Tying shoes using this method gives a classic but at the same time informal look. This type also gives a more orderly look to the whole foot and helps to relieve the pressure on the upper ridge. Before proceeding with the lacing, it is advisable to use thin laces at least 80 cm in length. ?Shoelaces?, leading company in the field of strings, will allow you to choose the most suitable colour for the shoe.

Once the necessary material is recovered, you start by inserting the lace in the first eyelet of the shoe, on both sides. Before proceeding it is advisable to make sure that the ends of the lace are even. To do this you will need to pull the edges along the entire length and make the string the same, without a shorter part of the other.

Once the first bar is obtained, you must take the right end of the lace and pass it along the lower side of the eyelet and pull it up from the second hole of the right side. At this point the string must be pulled in the same way towards the left side, pushed into the second left hole and pull until tightened. The shoelaces should not be visible: in case it was, it would be advisable to double check all the proceedings. The passage will be repeated until all the eyelets are complete. To complete the operation correctly, just take care not to skip the slots and that the string once passed from one side to the other must go into from a parallel eyelet to the one from which it came out.