Glittered laces, the new fashion for winter 2019

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lacci glitterati

Winter has entered the height of its months. Although the cold, however, remaining fashionable and showing a look always in step with the times remains a prerogative of adults and children, men and women. The 2019 collection has brought back in vogue, gaudy colours. The password until the arrival of spring is always and only one: ?shine?. In addition to clothes and sweaters, the ?gloss? rule is also applied to laces, which have now become full-fledged among fashion accessories to watch out for and to undergo several changes to appear increasingly glamorous. The strings of shoes, therefore, are no longer exempt from the canons dictated by fashion and, in the last months of winter, the strings must be strictly glittered.

Shoelaces, always in step with fashion, offers different alternatives of glittered laces for all types of shoes: from the elegant ones to the more sporty ones, the alternative with glitter is always present. Wearing glitter, although strings may seem like minor decorative elements, is always important.

Applying on shoes some beautiful glittered strings will be a winning mosaic that will give the look an original and casual touch at the same time. Combining the footwear with a simple look, with trousers and a single-coloured sweater will allow the laces to stand out even more: the glitter will be immediately noticed and overall our appearance will be always brighter. Glittered laces can also be matched with a matching shirt or blouse for an exclusive matching ? en pendant?. Even the most elegant men’s shoes are characterized by glittered laces to dampen a bit of the seriousness of the look: perfect to combine under a dark blue or black tuxedo. Let the imagination decide, thanks to the innumerable colours presented in the string collection.