Bracelets with laces, a handmade accessory

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bracciali lacci

The recycling of some objects in the house, if used with the right knowledge of the facts, can lead to real handmade masterpieces. Often when shoes are thrown away, because by now they have become old or out of fashion, by conserving the strings it is possible to obtain incredible fashion accessories, such as bracelets made with laces.

Making personalized and original objects starting from the simplest and everyday objects allows you to launch a personal fashion, whose procedure is actually very simple. This activity can also be done by the youngest under the supervision of an adult. The only difficulty, if it can be called, is to use the right lace that will give light and color on the arms that will wear the bracelets made with laces.

Before getting to work, in addition to the strings of the color of which you want to get the bracelet, you will need to be provided with scotch, ruler, scissors and a very common plastic straw. As soon as you provide the necessary, which must be double if the bracelets with the laces to be made are two, you can start with the activity.

You start by taking a lace and a straw and mark with a ruler every inch and a half. As soon as the operation is completed, cut the straw in the previously marked parts, which will be divided into some tubes. At this point take the string and join the two ends in two equal parts. Attach the center of the lasso to the work table in such a way as to stop it with a scotch and then proceed. Now continue to tangle the lasso, whose operation will have to be repeated in the intertwining inside the various pieces of straw that have been previously obtained. Continuing this way you will get a very simple bracelet but at the same time trendy made in no time. For another very original accessory of this type, simply repeat the procedure a second time.