Fasten shoes, what it means to dream it

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cosa significa sognare allacciare scarpe

The shoes are a garment that is daily worn by everyone: whether it is those with heels or sports shoes is not important: what matters is that the foot is well covered. The attention given to wearing them is often given while resting. What is the interpretation to be attributed every time you dream of fastening your shoes?

Many are the different meanings given to those who make this dream: some imagine not being able to lace up their shoes, while some dream of not being able to do it because the shoes had very tangled strings between them.

The interpretations attributed to this dream are different. However, the representation given to the laces is common: the strings represent all that we are attached to, like family, work, professional and sentimental bonds that represent us.

Precisely because of this attribution and importance given to the laces, dreaming of connecting shoes can have different interpretations. Dreaming of making this gesture autonomously implies a good strength and personality of the dreamer, who is determined on the objectives that he has imposed himself to reach.

Dreaming of being intent on lacing shoes and not being able to do it because the laces have broken, instead implies a general malaise due to emotional bonds, working or sentimental that hide a certain disorder and that should therefore be broken as not very positive.

Another recurring dream is that of imagining that someone else was fastening your shoes. This dream is attributed to a very strong interpretation: surely the dreamer has or would like to have a strong link with the dreamed person. Usually to make this gesture they imagine their parents or their loved one. If you dream that your shoes are connected by an unknown person or a deceased person, it means that there is something in your life that needs improvement or that you have to wait for an unexpected help.