Orange laces, vitality also for autumn and winter

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lacci arancioni

Among the fashion trends of autumn winter 2019/2020 stands an unusual and often underestimated shade: orange. This year the color is back in the limelight and is considered a must have for clothing for coats, pants, shirts, bags and shoes. Considered a tribute to autumn, orange is also a symbol of vitality, optimism and joy.

It has already been used in the previous summer fashion collections, and continues to be offered even for the coldest months of the year, as it is able to turn on the winter look through its inspiration.

Although the most recommended shade remains the one called ?Autumn glory?, as nicknamed, the less vibrant orange tending to earthy colors is ideal for leather, suede and velvet garments that it is customary to use during this period.

Left in the shade of other shades for some time, orange has now returned to the limelight and makes it aware of its value: there are so many garments and accessories re-proposed in all shades of this color: from the brightest one to that which tends to rust, many are the alternatives proposed.

How to combine orange

Mixing accessories with yellow, fuchsia or even with red helps to give a decidedly whimsical but not less elegant look than others.

In this color, of course, the shoes were also proposed, whose laces were presented tone-on-tone. This sunny and lively nuance, after all, can be combined with any other shade: the result will always be to be impeccable and fashionable.

For those who do not feel ready to revolutionize their wardrobe with this color, they can start to personalize their appearance by giving a touch of color to their shoes: orange strings will be enough to be glamorous without overdoing it.