Fashion trends, great return for the ankle boots with laces

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The laces will once again become the protagonists of elegant and classy footwear. The canons dictated by fashion have already anticipated that the glamorous woman will wear shoes and laces throughout the autumn / winter of 2019.

The ankle boots with laces, after all, are good on everything and can be worn both in the morning and in the evening. Back after a long absence among the cold season’s must haves, these shoes are presented in their vintage, but at the same time, chic models.

Whether with the heel, leather, velvet, off-white or colored it does not matter: what matters is to have at least one pair in your shoe rack.

Which are the most requested models

Laces for white booties

Among the most sought-after models, white boots certainly stand out. This color, after all, allows it to be worn on any occasion. And if on the market they are sold with laces of the same color as the shoes, the more daring might decide to buy new strings with which will give to your outfit a more personal touch. To break the effect of white, it is also advisable to buy laces to match the coat or other accessories such as bags, bracelets and belts.

Ankle boots with tread sole

Another particularly pleasing model is that of the boots with the tread sole, visible stitching and laces in technical fabric. These, certainly more practical than the others, allow them to be worn with simplicity and are valid allies to go to the office or for a self-confident gallant appointment. Even in this case fashion speaks for itself: why dwell on the color on the dye? The laces allow you to customize your look by spending little and getting the maximum result.