Colors of laces that you must have in your wardrobe in autumn

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colori lacci primavera

Every season, as is known, follows the laws of fashion. Anyone who decides to show a trendy appearance and keep up with the times will therefore not be able to do without following a few tricks to make the difference and impose their own style.

In addition to the care of clothes and bags, shoes must be absolutely not to be underestimated; they must be combined with the right laces.

Riot of vitality

The new collections of the by now launched autumn are clear: the return of the cold foresees an important blaze of colors. No therefore to the shades of black, gray and brown: your look will have to focus on chromotherapy.

Not exempt from these suggestions are shoe laces, fashion accessories that can give to your appearance a special spark.

Must have laces

So what are the must haves of the new collection?


In your wardrobe you will not have to miss the red laces: whether it is a lively shade or a pastel it does not matter: the elegance of this color of strings will allow to transmit elegance and sensuality, even with practical sneakers on.


Blue is another color that should not be missing on one’s shoes. Considered an evergreen of seduction, blue is considered a deep and bewitching shade that never tires.

Off white

A great return is that of the off white. The laces of this color will make the wearer glamorous. Furthermore, these strings are particularly versatile: off-white is perfectly suited to any shoe color, making it suitable for all types of combinations and circumstances.

Glittered laces

Another great confirmation concerns, just to dampen the dullness of the days, the use of glittered laces: having shiny and full of glitter strings is a daring but never bad taste move.