Autumn rain, which laces to use

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lacci pioggia

With the arrival of autumn the abundant rains are back. Going out with an umbrella is almost obligatory these days because the clear sky could change from one moment to another into a downpour.

The real problem, however, is presented in our look: how to dress to avoid getting wet all day? In order to save water from coats and sweaters, it is possible to use special technical and totally waterproof fabrics, a separate mention deserves the footwear.

After all it happened to everyone to immerse their shoes in a puddle, perhaps at the beginning of the day, then bringing that unpleasant feeling of wet foot for several hours. To solve this problem, of course, it would be preferable to be able to go home to wear new shoes. However, this is not always possible.

If women’s boots are fashionable and waterproof, men’s shoes deserve a special mention. On rainy days, in fact, patent leather shoes are definitely preferred over fabric ones. How to do it, however, with laces? If the water slips on waterproof fabrics it certainly does not do it on shoe laces.

Solutions for wet laces

An optimal solution could be to keep some spare laces to always carry with you: in this way it will be enough to replace the wet strings with the dry ones to continue with your day without problems. In addition to preventing the foot from remaining damp for the rest of the day, this remedy also allows you to enhance your shoes: changing the colors of the laces allows you to give a new vitality to the shoes, making them look like new. If, on the other hand, you do not have spare strings available, you could decide, as soon as you arrive at the office, to remove them and let them dry in the heat of the internal environment. The only caveat: remember to put them back before returning home!