Frayed laces, how to solve the problem

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sistemare lacci sfilacciati

When you buy a new pair of shoes, their strings are always included in the price. Although often underestimated, these help to frame the beauty of the shoes themselves. Therefore, today they are produced in large quantities.

The shoe laces are made in different colors and in a wide range of materials, among which there are the ones of organic cotton that allows to produce safe, hypoallergenic and protected materials as well as to preserve the health of the consumer.

Because the laces are fraying

Regardless of which material is used, it can often happen, after the purchase of new shoes, that after a few days of use, the laces are fraying. This process occurs especially when the strings obtained with the shoes are not of high quality: it is precisely for this reason that the plastic cylinder is gradually removed.

In addition to being aesthetically unpleasant, frayed strings are impractical to tie. The ideal solution, as can be easily understood, would be to buy new strings, paying attention to their quality.

If, on the other hand, the choice of buying new strings is not to your liking, you can use do-it-yourself methods that make the strings easy to connect again.

DIY methods

The fastest solution occurs if the damaged laces are made of synthetic material. In these cases, in fact, it will be enough to bring the flame (even of a lighter) to the final part of the fray to prevent the process from proceeding. During this operation, of course, we must pay proper attention, which is why it is always preferable for it to be performed by an adult.

Another possible solution is to immerse the end of the tip of the string in a liquid glue: once dried, in fact, that part of the string will be stiffened allowing a simple connection and the strings will return to be used without problems.