Children’s shoes, how to shorten the laces

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scarpe bambini lacci

Among the many stages of a child’s growth there is the one that involves learning how to fasten their shoes quickly and easily.

Although this procedure may seem simple, in reality for the little ones it is a moment that requires the right concentration and coordination with both hands. Pretending that their children succeed in the final goal after a few days is a wrong attitude that will not help the little ones reach their goal.

How to fasten your shoes quickly

Even after learning the lacing method, to speed up the process (especially in the morning before going to school), the ideal solution could be to shorten the laces. In this way the child will continue to feel autonomous but can still be faster in the connection.

Shortening the laces of children’s shoes is actually a very simple and intuitive process. Once the laces have been inserted into the shoes, it will be sufficient to enlarge the inner flap as much as possible and insert a small plastic clip on the laces, which must be placed in contact with the flap. At this point it will be enough to knot the laces with a double knot and cut them according to the desired length. In this way, in fact, very long and therefore more complicated strings to be connected will be avoided.

In doing so, however, the laces must not be untied and the child will only have to widen the clip and raise the flap, thus not giving up his much requested autonomy and the shoes with laces.

Another procedure could be to arm yourself with scissors and scotch tape, pick up the shoe with the strings inserted up to the last slot, calculate a couple of centimeters of distance and cut the excess. Finally, the scotch serves to recreate the cylinder which usually represents the culmination of a string.