How to turn old laces into Christmas decorations

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We have officially entered the most beautiful period of the year and the streets and cities are beginning to color for the upcoming holidays, filling themselves with delicious Christmas lights, nativity scenes and small trees.

The energy and the positive atmosphere start to excite you to the point that you have decided to create an innovative and Christmas tree. The new fad for the year 2019 is to give priority to their creations by not buying the new material on the market, but by giving a green twist to their fir.

Many are the decorative objects that make it possible to create a unique and absolutely personal Christmas tree. It all starts from the most common objects through which you can create true wonders that can give the fir an unprecedented charm.

An object surely present in the houses concerns the old shoe laces. These strings, often undervalued, actually lend themselves to being transformed and to making themselves useful on numerous occasions.

Tree decorations with laces

If we have already seen how to make bracelets with laces, this time we will discover instead how to enhance the Christmas tree. Depending on your preferences, in fact, you can make small trees or simple flakes, all strictly made with laces.

For the first of the two creations will serve, in addition to the strings of shoes, beads, needle and thread. You can start by taking a lace and starting to thread the needle with the bead from one end. At this point, fold the string on itself, continuing in this way and creating the desired shape. To finish it all, then, tie with a bow (or knot, depending on your preference), closing the do-it-yourself tree.

To make small bows, instead, just shorten the laces of the desired length and cross them, just like when they are worn, creating beautiful creations for your tree.