How to color your shoe laces by yourself

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colorare lacci fai da te

Are you tired of the usual white laces given with your new pair of shoes? Until a few years ago, in fact, the strings were worn only in this shade. Over time, however, fashion has accepted increasingly extravagant colors among its accessories.

Say yes, therefore, to the vitality transmitted by other shades other than white: as we have repeatedly seen, among other things, the laces have now taken on a role of primary importance within their outfit. On the market there are now  glittered strings and of the most varied fantasies, too.

If you are a lover of DIY, you may decide to make your look even more personal by coloring your strings directly, making yourself an original alternative.

What do you need to color the laces

Before turning into a painter, you must be equipped with the right work tools. In addition to the laces,you will need: a white fabric color, one of the shades in which you want to transform your strings and, of course,  a brush.

Once you have purchased everything, you must now remove the shoelaces and place them on a table being careful because it could get dirty (for this reason it is suggested to place newspaper or cellophane). Now you can proceed by dipping the brush in the color of the white fabric and starting to paint the strings. As soon as you finish this procedure, which serves to make the final work more shiny, you must make sure that the laces dry completely.

Now, with extreme precision, you can start painting the laces with the color you have chosen. As soon as you have finished both strings, let them dry again. Before considering the operation completed, however, it is advisable to expose the laces to a heat source (not excessively high): this procedure will allow you to fix them better and make them ready to be shown off and worn according to the combinations that are considered most appropriate.