Black laces for an elegant total black look

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lacci neri total black

His majesty black, the non-color par excellence, is a nuance that certainly cannot be missing inside our wardrobes. Regardless of what occasion we are dressing for, if there is any doubt as to what to wear, the choice, as always, will fall precisely on a total black look.

This shade is always appreciated both because it allows you to speed up the dressing in the morning and for another reason. Numerous studies have in fact highlighted how this color instills confidence. After the disastrous years during which black was considered the color of mourning, now this nuance is seen as that of charm and mystery.

Dressing in this color, in fact, allows you to make us feel more confident and determined … even to face a job interview. In addition to the security that instills a personal effect on ourselves, black facilitates the combinations by speeding up the dressing as much as possible.

Therefore, the laces of shoes, which are no longer exempt from fashion combinations, must also be in line with your outfit: as always mentioned, in fact, strings have become an integral part of your look in recent years, which is why they must always meet certain standards.

On what occasion to wear black laces

Never out of place, the black strings are suitable for any occasion and for any age: considered neutral, the laces of this shade allow you to acquire a greater self-awareness, and then, let’s say it, also elegance.

Furthermore, opting for the choice of black laces will also satisfy the tastes of the most skeptical people: thanks to a simple customization it will be possible to start modifying your look by purchasing some glittery or fantasy variations.

After all, as Coco Chanel said: ?When I find a darker color than black, I will wear it. But until then, I will dress in black! “.