Spring 2020, which colors of laces to buy

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colori lacci primavera

With the end of February we are finally projected to the beautiful days and the first pollen in bloom: in short, spring is upon us!

Forget gloves, scarves and hats, the goal of fashion addicted is to always be in step with the fashion of the next season. To make your look as trendy and glamorous as possible, therefore, we have decided to list some of the colors of the laces that should be worn in the coming months.

Very important accessories are shoelaces that are now the focus of attention for lovers of good taste and style: the latest trends, in fact, require that the laces are combined with belts and bags. They are considered as the real protagonists of anyone who decides to always be impeccable and regardless of the material purchased, must be worn strictly colored.

Vivid and vital colors

After all, the rebirth of nature must also be made evident in one’s own style, which is why the fashion of spring 2020 forgets the neutral and sometimes gloomy colors of winter for a true explosion of vitality. Even through what you wear, in fact, you can impress a note of positivity and a desire to enjoy what is beautiful in the upcoming season.

Among the shades recommended by us, therefore, precisely for these reasons, yellow laces cannot be missing. This shade, after all, immediately recalls the sun and goes perfectly with pastel colors. Used in its most vibrant or slightly duller shades, yellow is confirmed as a must have for this spring too.

All shades of pink deserve a similar discussion: from the most intense to the most discreet, this color is worn discreetly but not less tasteful.

Of course, the color of the year could not be missing from our list: pantone blue. This primacy, in fact, ensures him a place on the podium of the most glamorous colors that should never be missing, not even in the laces.