Glittered laces, how to match them correctly

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lacci glitterati

The glittered laces continue to please and fascinate. The reason of their success is certainly to be found in several factors in their favor: aside to their coolness, wearing these bright strings allows you to give added value to the whole outfit.

Whether it’s black strings or coloured ones it doesn’t matter: what matters is to show a style that is  always actual, which, even for the 2020 winter collection, provides for the flair (also) in the laces.

Sparkles like water

The shimmer, as anticipated, has become a very strong trend in recent years: glitter and sequins are two fashion accessories appreciated by both men and women. Their appeal, after all, seems to be scientifically explained. The attraction  for the glitter, in fact, seems to derive from the primordial instinct of the search for water, which in the past meant to survive. An even more technical explanation, moreover, is to be found in our brain, which is stimulated whenever it finds itself in front of shiny objects.

Regardless of what the real motive is, that drives us to enrich our look with beautiful glittery objects, it is now certain that glitter are loved and will continue to be loved.

Shoes, as repeatedly repeated, are not exempt from the dictates of fashion, which is why, to give your outfit an original and at the same time casual touch, you will need to know the right tips to always look glamorous. How to wear, then the glitter laces?

To make your touch of originality stand out even more, just combine the strings with a simple dress, perhaps consisting of trousers or a single-colored sweater. No less important, therefore, must be the dress: what could be better than a beautiful dress accompanied by the sparkle of your shoes?

Moreover, glitter lovers could dare even more: if women can coordinate their laces with equally bright earrings, men could buy a belt to pendant with the strings of their shoes.

The beauty of glitter laces, after all, is just that: everything is allowed!