Dirty colored laces, how to wash them to make them look like new

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come lavare lacci colorati sporchi

Laces, just like shoes, tend to get dirty very easily. After all, just a rainy day and an unseen puddle are enough to get the strings smeared. Equally simple, fortunately, is their cleaning method.

If you are looking for some tips on how to make your colored laces come back as new, you should know that it is a simple procedure that only requires the use of a neutral detergent, a toothbrush and baking soda.

Unlike the cleaning of the white laces, in fact, the bleach must be avoided: its use would ruin the color of the strings.

You can achieve this by washing the laces either by hand or in the washing machine.

How to wash dirty laces by hand

To bring back the colored laces as clean as in the past it will be possible to decide for a hand or a machine wash. In the first case, just leave the dirty strings to soak in lukewarm water, with a drizzle of neutral detergent which must then be better cleaned with a toothbrush, where it will be necessary to rub vigorously. Furthermore, to remove stubborn dirt, bicarbonate can be used: its abrasive action eliminates stains while also revives the color. A simple rinse will allow, once dried, to return to use their laces.

How they are machine washed

Cleaning them in the washing machine, on the other hand, requires the same preparation as hand washing and is recommended when the dirt on the laces is truly remarkable. After having soaked them in lukewarm water, you will have to fold them on themselves like a wheel and tie them to take on the shape of a sphere so as not to leave free any parts that could get stuck in the basket.

Furthermore, just like any other wash, the various colors of the shoelaces must not be mixed together: in this way you could lose the original color or assume that of other garments inserted together in the basket. Finally, the water must be cold and with a little detergent.