2020 fashion colors, winter will be neutral (even in laces)

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With the year that has just arrived, many aspects of fashion are also revolutionized, which, as is known, always gives different canons of style, which do not exempt footwear and its laces as well.

To be completely eliminated they will have to be black and all dark and opaque colors in order to create shades that are so neutral but, at the same time, able to give shine to anyone who wears them. Yes, therefore, to nude and beige in all its variants: whether you go from camel to sand it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you respect the rigorously clear fashion diktat.

Off white still evergreen

Flanked by the now evergreen off white, these shades can also be worn with small variations of shades, on which one can and must venture. Precisely for this reason the shoes must be rigorously clear, with a play of shades that must interest not only the footwear but also the laces.

The return of the pastel nuance

Of course, pastel colors must not be missing from the list. Used only a couple of seasons ago, this nuance is back in style also for 2020, where it is proposed by the biggest fashion houses for the coolest accessories. Thanks to the two strongly recommended shades in order to be more and more fashionable, you would get an explosive and at the same time delicate result.

Beauty of these colors, after all, is precisely that of marrying well with every look, even the one concerning shoes.

For those who are particularly attentive to fashion, therefore, just try with incredible variations with accessories such as camel-colored sneakers and pastel laces for a very interesting and at the same time innovative final effect.

Of course, considering how much these shades adapt perfectly to each type of color, it is always possible to dare, combining their shoes with colors of surprising laces, for a change of personality so delicate but at the same time gritty.