Soccer shoes, how they should be fastened

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In the first place of the most loved sports by Italians there is certainly football. This passion, born (especially) in children since they were young, is handed down from father to son and continues to be nurtured for the rest of their lives.

In addition to watching football games on their TV, many try their hand at non-professional events with friends, who, however, need the right products that must be properly worn.

Aside for the tracksuit, the soccer shoes play a very important role.Once you have purchased the model that best suits your needs and your foot, therefore, you will need to pay attention to another big factor: the way in which these shoes are tied.

The importance of correct lacing

This gesture, often carried out too hastily before entering the field, deserves the right attention because, based on how the laces are crossed between them, you could avoid ruinous falls or excessive efforts on the instep.

If the crossed weave, which provides that the strings come out of a length equal to the last hole, is the most used procedure, it is also possible to know the technique used by professional players.

To fasten the soccer shoes like them, therefore, first of all it will be necessary to make sure that both strings have between 5 and 10 cm of difference between them so that they can then cross outside the foot.

At this point, therefore, it will be possible to proceed with the knot, which in these cases is considered the most difficult procedure of the lacing and which should be placed at the point in which it will be less cumbersome and uncomfortable, or at the point where the ball should not touch. Among the different techniques, the simplest is that the normal lace is moved to the outside.

Of course, an important role is also given by the quality of the chosen laces: the less bulky, the better the quality of your movements and therefore of the game in general.