Green choices for the love of the environment and a better rendering of the lace

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lacci cotone biologico

Also the lace world begins to look beyond, overcoming boundaries that become horizons, goals and objectives, for a better performance and a respectful product. A stretched lace on the natural profiles, alloy elements and landscapes incorporating small strings of fabric in the embrace of the environment. Disposable society, more and more industrialized countries, mountains of waste and environmental problems are more and more on the agenda. So also the world of laces begins to follow a green trend, to overcome time, choosing an optimal solution.

An eco-friendly philosophy at the base of a solid corporate mission makes it an ideal product for those who decide to live in full respect of the surrounding nature. A wide range of materials and colors obtained only with green processes to have only and exclusively the best for both aesthetic and ethical yield issues.

The production of laces is becoming more and more environmentally friendly, thanks to the use of organic cotton, for which organic production systems are used, with 100% natural fertilizers and controlled consumption of water. The environmental impact in the production of laces is thus reduced to the maximum, with the exclusive use of untreated products. Working a natural raw material and using organic cotton allows to obtain an eco-sustainable production process where the use of chemical products is limited and only renewable sources are used to save energy.

A particular attention is paid to research and design for the identification of raw materials, while accurate cognitive investigations are aimed at improving products and prototyping new elements to be induced for products still to be produced. Vast range of colors and texture of laces in addition to the attention for design, the continuous proposal of new solutions such as those with rubberized finish, have found a noteworthy interest from the authorized personnel.