Research and design for laces, from the shapes to the most exclusive color

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tipologie lacci quali scegliere

The world of laces is a rich and detailed reality, often not only a practical accessory used to close the shoes, but also used as a real fashion detail to make and outfit precious with the exclusive beauty of colors and the play of patterns. During the last years, the research in the sector has been increased, especially with regard to the materials and processes with which they are obtained. In this regard the prevailing of green trends with a preference for biological materials obtained with processes with a very low environmental impact, has led to the creation of products of great value, not only aesthetic but above all ethical.

The always accurate design to obtain a beautiful and clean linear product, the interweaving of the cotton that makes the whole fascinating, like outstretched hands that meet to support each other and create an indissoluble whole, flashes of lights thanks to the insertion of differently worked threads with shiny and fluorescent coloring, variety of weaves and colors are only one way to express endless variations and solutions, which make the lace a trend element that goes well beyond the simple functionality with the shoe.

The constant attention to research leads to the creation of ever changing shapes, always new colors, with innovative materials designed to respect the surrounding environment, always maintaining a good yield, as well as extreme resistance to all type of use. The beauty of a refined design is expressed not only in the forms that are the most disparate, but also and especially in the colors and materials.

We start from the classic tight and pressed lace that can accommodate a single color cotton or a rather simple pattern to arrive to the rounded shapes, with psychedelic crossings and motifs that return cyclically. The flattened wider ones are the return of a passed trend, esthetically pleasing, full of color and flash, make the shoe a precious party dress.