Fall Winter 2018/19, the perfect colors for always elegant laces

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lacci autunno inverno

Winter comes, and it is always good to be prepared on what are the trends of the moment. Recent revelation in the fashion world, the laces have more and more an eye of respect and a fundamental importance in the fashion universe. An increasingly number of people now change the strings of their shoes with different models and colors based on their clothing, on the season, on their accessories, adapting to the colors of the moment.

Laces are not exempt from the dictates of fashion, and it is always good to be ready and adapt to new fantasies. The colors of the main palette of this fall-winter 2018/19 can be surprising and fascinating, definitely all to be discovered. Pioneer and traditional protagonist of the coldest periods of the year, brown in its whiskey and lighter shade, recalls the insulating wood of the cottages and the lighted fireplaces, the warmth of the most popular scotches, the mountain woods. A shoe decorated with this shade can always be elegant and perfect for any situation, from a classic day of work to a Saturday night party.

Great for fun occasions, especially close to Christmas, cherry red matches perfectly with gala or ceremonial dresses, tending to be preferred by the female counterpart, but which also finds more and more space in the male wardrobe. Very similar to this nuance, also the fuchsia pink awaits this fall-winter 2018/2019 for a great revival, proposing itself as a symbol of energy and exuberance.

The orange, the saffron-yellow and the olive green, very tied to the more classic colors of the autumn leaves, find their period of splendor in the first cold months, excellent to wear for walks in lightness, able to give life to romantic atmospheres, almost as the ones of the movies.

For the most elegant dinners, like many of those of the Christmas period, the international designers suggest to focus in particular on the color silver, great to combine with metal silver clothes that never go out of fashion; on marble gray, always perfect at any time of day and now considered the new black; on purple lavender, demonstrating a strong and irrepressible personality; on the original digital blue, preferred by the youngest, linked to the cybernetic universe with one foot already in the future.

Adapting the laces of your shoes to the fashion of the moment is an increasingly common practice, this autumn-winter 2018/19 proposes classic and fascinating fantasies.