Elegant knots, how to tie shoes for big occasions

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nodi scarpe eleganti

The possible knots possibly achievable for a pair of shoes are virtually infinite, with different possibilities depending on the imagination of the wearer. The classic node can easily be replaced from any other that is similar for result and practicality, whereas it is not uncommon for the most curious to have fun experimenting more particular ways to keep their shoes on their feet.

If the chance to try new knots with casual and sportive shoes can appear stimulating, elegant shoes and for special occasions, require equally arranged strings. An ancient saying held that ?the elegance of a man comes to light by studying how he wears shoes?, it is therefore always a good idea to take care of the way they are fastened with passion. Each node has different characteristics, choosing one requires care and dedication.

The most classic of knots is also inevitable on big occasions, and it is the ?double slim knot?. A peculiar variant of the classic, it is visually always pleasing and presents, unlike many others, the possibility of a safety rotation that prevents the laces from freeing themselves from the grip without warning. Great for worldly circumstances, as it allows you to walk in absolute safety without running the risk of having to stop to retie your shoes.

The ?Barrel knot? takes inspiration from the nautical world and is excellent if associated mainly with sperrys. It is also called a “stop node” because it actually has to be done at the end of both strings to prevent them from moving freely in the eyelet. Beyond its not being very widespread, it is incredibly simple to implement and the result is always efficient. To the untrained eye, what will appear will be more like a reel made artificially than a normal knot, but the practical implications of the choice will be absolutely satisfactory. The shoes for your worldly experiences are ready to be worn.