Cotton laces against elastic laces, which to choose and when

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Shoe laces can be not only different in shape or color but also and above all different in materials. A difference that emerges in particular in recent years provides two types of strings par excellence, namely cotton and elastic plastic synthetics, optimal in certain specific situations. The first of the two is a fundamental part of the history of a classic accessory, cultivated since immemorial time and the result of continuous improvement that has led it to be the favorite for all Shoelaces products, strictly green and technologically advanced. The elastic laces find space especially among children who, perhaps because of laziness or because they are not yet able to develop solid knots, prefer them; elastic laces are also very used among sportsmen, who in specific situations may prefer a shoe to wear quickly.

The main difference, therefore, on a practical level, between cotton laces and elastic ones, is that the cotton ones guarantee solid knots that, if well made, prevent the foot from participating in any movement inside the shoe. On the other hand, the elastic laces are optimal for all those who can not create a solid knot and who need to wear footwear quickly. A striking example are the athletes who practice triathlon or decathlon, which may need to change while running to gain valuable seconds during a race.

Also in the case of athletes we must take into account several factors, which could still lead to preferring the more classic cotton knots than the more synthetic elastic. The distance to be covered and the type of activity of reference is very important, in these cases. Experts advise, for example, to always choose a traditional knot when the competition takes place on a greater mileage, because the comfort, the possibility that the foot does not play inside the shoe, the stability that you can get, will allow you to easily recover all the time that would otherwise be obtained by wearing on the fly a shoe with elastic lacing. The final judgment is that, although it is always necessary to analyze the context, the classic lace also wins on modernity, bringing on stage a tradition that resists and which proves to be the most practical choice.