Winter 2019, the color palette for Shoelaces

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With the arrival of colder seasons, fashion changes, and with it also the colors of the winter palette of the 2019 for the laces. It will be six months during which warm colors, preferred mostly by young people, will alternate darker and shady tones, in line with the typical colors of the great winter cities.

Warm colors, able to give a feeling of warmth inside like when we savor a tasty steaming drink in the most frigid evenings. The whiskey brown recalls on its side the nuances of nature in the most advanced period of autumn, tying itself to the wood of the trees illuminated by the soft light of the late afternoon, passing by the reflections of the deciduous leaves, giving a fashion in its timeless and perfect way also for social occasions.

Great for elegant and classic looks typically feminine, red, particularly if very bright, similar to a cherry, seems immortal and always in vogue. It goes perfectly with dresses with more summer colors and to walks along tree-lined avenues, while autumn gives way to winter.

More sporty, though similar, and perfect for works during the weekdays, the orange finds its appeal among the dry leaves, sporty and always placid, sign of an irrepressible personality that awaits only the right time to re-emerge from a forced lethargy. It stands out in the winter mornings, reflected in the colors of the snow, in the soft white of a snow flake that awaits the first spring sun.

With the passage of time there is almost the feeling that the future comes faster and faster, technological innovations slip away from us so quickly, and few colors inspire this feeling like ultra violet. A bright color, which goes perfectly with lilac, beige, black, yellow, always in fashion and with a timeless charm. A lace can be an accessory that, in its modesty, can greatly vary the pleasantness of an outfit, and it takes very little to experience this Winter 2019 with class.

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