Straight lined lacing, for the most elegant social occasions

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lacci dritti

Being able to create elegant and classy laces is more than a simple work of a few seconds, and over time and age a well-crafted knot can easily be compared to a small form of art. More than 90% of human beings still tighten their laces exactly as they did as children, with the same way they were taught in kindergarten. There are, however, a large number of different methods for tying their shoes and only a few are suitable for the great occasions typical of winter, such as Christmas or New Year’s. The elegance is noted in the care that addresses the various details, and it is in these that the style of each individual stands out.

For the great social events there is a knot that stands out for its elegance, class, composure, and is the straight lined lacing, absolutely recommended for more formal occasions and able to communicate with little sense of nobility and high lineage. A further touch of class that can be added to reach the culmination of sophistication is the classic hidden knot, a fine movement that allows the lace to be invisible to the eye. The final result will consist of a series of horizontal lines in absolutely symmetrical fabric, which will give to the whole a clean, elegant and resistant air.

To start, insert the two ends of the string into the first two holes, those close to the tip of the shoe, one end per hole, making them pass from top to bottom and taking care to distribute them in equal measure. Then take one end of the lace that comes out from under the eyelet and slip it into the next hole on the same side. Once out of the hole, take the end of the string and slide it on the other side, creating a horizontal row. Again, take the end of the string, jump an eyelet and repeat the operation until a series of horizontal stripes are created, alternating empty spaces with stripes. Repeat the operation using the other end, reaching the upper holes of the shoe with both ends. From here you can proceed with your hidden knot, offering your shoe the elegance it deserves.