Christmas and December, what colors for the laces?

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lacci rossi dicembre

December is coming and you must be prepared to it, the holidays loom over and the celebrations to be spent in group provide order and elegance. The last month of the year is the one in which every detail is often taken care of and subject to particular attention, and among these, thanks to the fashions launched by the runways of the past few fashion shows, the laces have reached an increasingly important place, object of attentions from the most careful and meticulous ones. In the compendium of luminescent colors that adorn our festivities even the strings of our shoes are studied in detail, parts of a curated and harmonious ensemble.

Classic color of Christmas par excellence, protagonist of the festivities and the first color to come to mind in this circumstance. Whatever the chosen clothing, in particular for the day linked to the Nativity, it is always good to wear a little bit of scarlet reflexes, as good omen and as per tradition, taking care not to exaggerate. Although the ?full red? isn?t the best choice, adorning with red details is instead of great class and synonymous with elegance. Red laces, especially on shoes of different colors, stand out and will be easily under the eye of everyone present.

The Christmas season traditionally consecrates the color green, thanks to the trees that invariably decorate every living room and to the decorations that stand out among shop windows and walls. If used to accompany red clothes you can create a classic and timeless combination, giving life to nice and always appreciated shoes.

If you want to be original and charming, the gold and silver accessories will be the ones that will do for you. In this case it is good to remember that these two colors are perfectly combined with a few others, and the full black or white shoes will be excellent from this point of view. It will be as if the shoes helped to decorate the environment, with sparkles and reflections.