Animalier, a fashion that returns also for the most creative laces

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lacci animalier

A fashion that in this 2018 has returned domineering legitimizing fabrics and particular prints, often to the limit of the exaggerated, we are speaking about the ?animalier?. No matter the color or the pattern, whether they are zebra-striped, tigerskinned, leopard-skinned or other, the style tied to the colors of nature is able to leave a mark on any accessory, including laces, but you must always be careful not to slip into bad taste exaggerating or not paying attention to the various details. An animal printed lace will always give that extra something to each shoe, if paired with care and if worn on the right occasions.

The concept of vulgarity applied to the animalier and its fantasies is more a metropolitan legend than a true judgment, while it is much more true that the tiger or leopard patterns are recognized as particularly sexy and sensual if well weighed. To underline this concept several international catwalks have thought about it, the runways have seen a large number of models wearing clothes entirely inspired by the colors of animal furs, including laces on footwear of different patterns.

An animalier lace should not be worn lightly. Although it is a small and isolated accessory, it is able in a short time to be noticed, so it must be chosen with particular attention. Even in a full room, many, in a short time, will observe your shoes, if adorned by leopard strings. Moreover, being an evergreen of world fashion, it should be treated with detachment and sufficiency: the perfect combinations in these cases are the same as black or white, simple, linear and linked to good taste. In order not to transcend excess or excessive eccentricity, apply a simple rule: with the animal laces coordinate only one piece of clothing, without exaggerating, like a sweater or a pair of trousers. In the end, it is always useful to keep in mind a detail, the animalier indicates a wild desire of challenge, freely combine it with other patterns such as polka dots or flowers, daring.