The equation for the perfect lace, a German researcher studies it

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A German mathematician has developed an equation dedicated to a particular calculation that allows to define the best way to fix the laces on our footwear. This includes the best order for eyelets and the optimum lace type for standard settings, a work developed almost for fun and apparently of little importance but full of interesting implications.

For most of those who have seen the equation developed by the Australian scholar it will all seem a great waste of time that compared to much more pressing problems will not have had the same relevance. Yet each of us has a different method to face the moment when, every morning, before going out, we must tie the laces. There are those who decide to dribble the problem easily wearing shoes like loafers without strings to save time or bothers, while other people devote to the care of their footwear and to the details concerning it a far greater measure of time than normal, with particular fastenings and arrangements. There are mathematicians like Burkard Polster, a researcher at the University of Monash in Melbourne, Australia, who decide to always choose the best option, after detailed calculations.

According to the research of the mathematician Burkard Polster, the best way to insert your strings to shoes consists of the so-called ?crisscross? or ?bowtie? lacing. It consists in sliding the laces from one buttonhole to the other, from top to bottom, then crossing them in the middle, using all the eyelets but using a shorter length of fabric. The researcher underlines that, the ?straight? or ?crisscross? method, the most used one, is more successful because actually the most solid, but the folded one knows how to be much more effective finding an excellent balance between fabric economy and knot strength. The equation takes into account some determinants such as friction, eyelets, and the material, and it has been nothing more than a nice pastime for the researcher, a curious way to relax his mind.