ShoeLaces in fair with LineaPelle, the essence of international creativity

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Shoelaces is always intent in bringing the beauty of creativity in the most renowned international meeting points. For this reason we just took part at the last 2018 edition of Lineapelle that has just ended, the most important international exhibition dedicated to the sectors of leathers, accessories, synthetic components as well ass fabrics and models for footwear, leather goods, clothing and furniture.

Lineapelle represents an important exhibition system with a series of expositions connected to it based on the primacy of Italian companies, bearers of style, quality and ideal customer services. Lineapelle today is identified as one of the most qualified international events to which we have decided to participate, bringing our laces on display, the result of an accurate research and a sophisticated design.

Milan, hub of international fashion and focal point of creation and knowledge, has lent itself to the best to welcome our products. A diversified stand, rich in colors, fabrics, patterns, in which to immerse yourself completely to savor the essence of creativity and of the Made in Italy. An unexpected welcome has seen our booth rich and buzzing during the fair days, with exposures of laces with very various models.

The autumn winter 2018/19 collections lured great compliments from visitors, attracted by the shapes, different in size and model, by the gaudy colors, intertwined with each other with particular patterns and delicate chromatic fusions.

We welcome with pleasure opportunities like this to bring the quality of an authentic Italian product around the world, showing the importance of a constant research, of a refined design, of an accurate selection of eco-friendly and environmentally friendly fabrics and products. Green innovation is particularly close to our hearts, a trend that is taking hold in contemporary industry, which is increasingly moving towards the rediscover of self-respect and for the surrounding environment.