Red laces, they are confirmed as a must-have of the 2019 holidays

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lacci rossi dicembre

Red is a fashionable color that continues to be successful throughout the year and which, for obvious reasons, has a peak of preference during the month of December.

After all, already in the last days of November the cities begin to color themselves festively, presenting most of the decorations in this color, which is therefore often associated with Christmas and the joy that this holiday brings.

What red represents

Among the many meanings that this bright shade presents, in fact, there are also the symbols of passion, charm, vitality and sensuality: for this reason, wearing clothes of this color, also associated with the beloved Santa Claus, will ensure the success of your look.

“We are what we dress”. This saying, slightly revisited, establishes that when we wear something red it transmits enthusiasm, beauty and energy. When there is a doubt about how to dress, therefore, this color will be able to improve your mood and that of others.

How to match red laces

On holidays, moreover, next to sweaters with reindeer, snow and the inevitable Santa Claus, shoes with (naturally) red laces should not be missing. This color, as already mentioned, is surely destined to never go down under the holidays and can never be considered excessive when it is worn.

Precisely for this reason, therefore, it is advisable to exaggerate with vitality also by replacing your shoe laces with decidedly more colorful and themed shades with these parties. If we talk about women, we recommend a dress of this shade, then combined with themed shoes and bag, but  men can just play on the color of the laces and tie or, if you prefer simpler clothing, some carry-overs on the sweater: the game will be assured and the holidays, thanks to the widespread joy of this color, will be ready to take off.