Laces, 3 reasons why they should never be missing in your suitcase

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lacci vacanza

With the arrival of the December holidays, many decide to escape from the daily monotony by allowing themselves a weekend out of their routine.

In fact, all the cities in this period come alive in celebration and are colored by theme to welcome one of the most anticipated festivals of the whole year: Christmas.

When you decide to go to the most exclusive markets in December or to spend days in a charming mountain hut, you should never miss a pair of spare shoelaces inside your suitcase.

This habit, however bizarre it may seem, actually satisfies some needs that could occur while spending time out.

Frayed laces

Often, in fact, there is a tendency not to replace the laces purchased supplied with your sneakers for laziness or practicality: in reality, these strings could be destined to be ruined sooner than expected. If on holiday the laces should fray, just replace the old ones with reserve ones without going crazy looking for the closest shoemaker.

Personalize your look

It is important to add another reason to this possible need: fashion. To personalize their look and be impeccable on all occasions, in fact, many decide to coordinate the color of their strings to those of the sweater worn. To be always trendy, even outside the home, it will be enough to decide to bring one or more pairs with you to change every day.

Laces according to the occasions

Another valid factor, moreover, can be the one that foresees a transformation of one’s shoes which, if accompanied by the right accessories, can be transformed for the occasions that the holiday foresees. If, for example, after the excursion or the morning walk you expect a dinner in the hotel lobby improvised at the last moment, just replace the strings used previously, preferring a model perhaps glittered or more elegant, which will still allow you to transform the same shoes without feeling out of place.