Off white Shoelaces, the current fashion trend

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The shoelace enhances and follows trends, this accessory which is apparently a detail, actually can renovate the look of a shoe making it exclusively ans incredibly different. In other words the lace is a true trend, for this and for many other reasons, this incredible clothing item becomes an accessory that evolves following the current trends, it meets special nuances, materials and uses that we could never have imagined.

Therefore for 2018 and 2019 there is an explosion of a fashion trend that is yet simple and incredible at the same time and it is identified in two word: OFF WHITE. A bit like snow, like whipped cream that drips on chocolate, like icing sugar that decorates a freshly baked cake, off-white is the right recipe for the incredible color white which is often a problematic nuance because of the possibility that it does not remain intact in its purity. In this way the off-white goes to dispel any doubt, showing dirty right away as a cool color, unusual, sophisticated that dresses models and entire runways.

Pure, soft and warm for the eyes, the off-white is absolutely in the color palette of the year, to provide a practical and ideal solution for those in search of a true color to adapt to different occasions. Autonomy and unchallenged fascination dress this color for the laces, to use, for the most daring, in perfect antagonism with the base of the shoe?s upper, for a surprising touch of daring grit.

A color that does not fear any type of combination, it adapts to everything, it is chic if it meets with black, it is new and delicate when it meets caramel. A refined choice for the creation of super glamorous strings, the off-white dresses with sequins and it becomes a great glamour base for pop, shiny, gloss and trendy shades.